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2019 World Federation of Great Towers Annual Meeting to be held in GZ

Updated: 2019-09-05 Source:Radio Guangdong's English Service Author:verify

The 2019 World Federation of Great Towers Annual Meeting will be held at the Canton Tower, Guangzhou’s most recognizable landmark, from September 6 – 10. Management teams from iconic towers in 25 cities of 15 countries will gather in Guangzhou, the highest number in the meeting’s history. 

With the theme of “Innovative Development, Win-Win Cooperation,” management teams will share their innovative experiences in the fields of smart tourism, scenic spot management, and big data marketing, among others, and discuss the connection between leading towers and city development. The World Tower Development Index Report will also be released during the event. 

The World Federation of Great Towers was established in 1989 and now has more than 50 association members, including the Eiffel Tower. As China’s tallest tower, and the third tallest in the world, the Canton Tower joined the association in 2010. The Canton Tower’s management team expressed that the annual meeting is aimed at strengthening exchanges and enhancing the Canton Tower’s international appeal.