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Love Without Boundary

Updated: 2015-02-07 Source:Radio Guangdong's English Service Author:intern
Welcome to today's focus, this is George Mckibbens.

Mrs. Zhang : Very good! Very good! (xiexie)
Mrs. Zhang is a villager of Changyuan Village of Wuhua County, an impoverished county in northeastern Guangdong's Meizhou city. Hardly knowing any English, she was struggling to communicate with American visitors from Guangzhou, only a five hour drive away, but in many ways, Changyuan is a world apart.

(photo by e.rgd.com.cn)

(photo by e.rgd.com.cn)

[Recording] Mrs. Zhang : (Chinese) I remember you, you were here last year.

This is the 2nd visit of the delegation organized by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in South China. Led by President of Harley Seyedin, a large group of business and community leaders including executives from multinational corporations came to deliver material support to the impoverished villagers.

Under the administration of Meizhou City, Changyuan Village has a population of 3,125, with roughly 20 percent living in serious poverty. The US Chamber of Commerce donated 1.2 million worth of goods clothing, bedding, hygiene products, educational materials and toys. Medical professionals from Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center donated their service by giving free medical checkups and consultations to the villagers. A year ago funds were donated to provide the village with a new soccer field and public plaza. On this visit Chamber of Commerce leaders were thrilled to see the completion.

In just one year, new changes have taken place. Harley is happy to see their charity donations put to tangible use.
[Recording] Last year when we came there, there were no soccer field…this is a great feel.

(photo by e.rgd.com.cn)

Children are excited to have a new soccer field:
       Are you happy about the soccer field?
       Do you like playing here?
       Yes. It used to be a mud field.

Villagers gathered at the entrance to welcome visitors and celebrate the foundation laying of the public plaza, where elderly host dance performances. Changyuan village is not industrial, so many young people migrate to surrounding cities for work. Dancing is a crucial social lifeline for elderly who stay in the village year long.
[Recording] many villagers dance together here. At the moment we don't have a good venue so a public plaza had to be built.

(photo by e.rgd.com.cn)

(photo by e.rgd.com.cn)

(photo by e.rgd.com.cn)

One villager boasted a pair of sneakers he received from last year's donation which have been put to good use.
[Recording] Last year, they delivered goods to every household, including shoes, rice, and cooking oil. I am grateful they came. I hope they return every year.  

[middle jingle]
Guangdong is home to tens of thousands of foreign companies and about 100,000 permanent foreign residents. International trade stimulates the economy, events like this stimulate grow long lasting bonds. This is love without boundary. AmCham's charity project in Changyuan village is bridged by Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office. Zeng Qingchun, vice director of the office:
[Recording] the mission of the foreign affairs office is to be foreign advocates, and to do poverty-alleviation projects with collaborating of foreign organizations, including consulates and chamber members. We invite them to participate in the government's charity projects. AmCham has offered great support to our projects, calling on their chamber members to donate cash and goods and help as well.

Also, to achieve sustainable development, potential investors and experts were invited to join the delegation for investment inspection during their village tour.
[Recording] Giving blood transfusions is not enough. We should help them to form a blood bank. We are doing that now, and helping the village to attract investment projects.

This is the fifth consecutive year that AmCham South China has collected donations on behalf of impoverished villages in Guangdong, which is China's richest province. The project has received positive feedback from partners involved. Mead Johnson Nutrition has donated 500,000 yuan in cash again this year. Andy Rusie, Vice President Finance of Mead Johnson greater China:

Edwin Mendoza runs a foreign trade company in Guangzhou. Rather blindly write a check, he donates his time and personal care. This is his second visit to Chengyuan village. Last year, he spoke with several young people, and this year he has regained contact.
       do you like it when he takes your picture?
       Because he is cute!

Harley has been living in Guangzhou for 23 years. With the mission of giving back to the community, charity efforts will continue.

This is a short visit, but it will leave a long lasting memory for everyone involved. As farewell to the delegation, villagers prepared local snacks, the specialty of tea eggs are were given to the visitors as a warm reminder of their care and love.
[Recording] I really appreciate their support for my hometown. Hope they will come back again.