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China Chats-Chinese-Italian soccer change

Updated: 2017-10-17 Source:Radio Guangdong's English Service Author:intern

Innovation has become an engine for the world’s economy, so as for China. More and more innovative products from Israel are likely to enter the Chinese market thanks to the efforts by both the Chinese and Israeli governments to organize the 3rd China-Israel Investment Summit, which has been held in Zhuhai earlier this year. At the national-level event, thousands of companies are seeking opportunities for cooperation. The summit has witnessed the signing of 13 Memorandums of Understanding between Chinese and Israeli companies worth an estimated $US 2.5 billion. In this week’s China Chats, we will talk to attendants and organizer at this forum about the ties.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in China, with hundreds of millions of fans playing or watching the game. And they’re not only watching domestic Chinese games, but also overseas super leagues and championships. Therefore, China is one of the popular destinations for foreigner soccer players to visit and meet with their fans. The most recent visitor was Italian soccer star Alessandro Billy Costacurta, who used to play for AC Milan. He has now retired for 10 years and has become a soccer journalist and commentator. Billy, together with A.C. Milan, won seven Series A titles and the Champions League five times, witnessing nearly twenty years’ of the ups and downs of A.C Milan during its “Immortal” period. On today’s China Chats, we will be talking to Billy about his connection with Chinese soccer, his opinions on Chinese efforts to develop the sport and advice for players.