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Updated: 2012-02-26 Source:GRT Radio Author:English Service

70% Of GD is listening to GRT Radio

In the Guangdong province, seven out of every ten radio listeners tune in to GRT Radio.

GRT Radio, a provincial-level radio station consisting of nine channels, is now taking the lead in terms of listenership, both in Guangzhou and throughout Guangdong province. Ranking at the top of the list are its nine channels:

News Channel
Pearl Radio
Music FM
Traffic Channel
Voice of the City
Stock Market Channel
Southern Life Radio
Culture & Sports Channel
Voice of the South

For five years in a row, GRT Radio has maintained its rating at 70% in the Pearl River Delta and in the city Guangzhou, where competition is the highest.

Surveys show that among 90 million permanent residents and 72 million radio listeners, 55 million, or 70%, listen to GRT Radio.  Among the 98 radio stations and 121 radio frequencies, GRT Radio and its nine channels always rank first in listener loyalty and satisfaction.

Over the decades, the rating of GRT Radio has continued to grow rapidly in Guangzhou and in the province as a whole. The 70% rating in the last five years has proven that GRT Radio has successfully dominated the radio industry in the province.